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As Clearly! points out, oval faces are versatile with their slightly wider cheekbones and “gentle narrowing at the forehead and jaw.” For those reasons, you’re able to play around with bold and over sized frames. If you want to get more daring than that, go ahead and try those colorful and textured glasses.

By the late 1930s, advertisements for Bausch & Lomb’s Ray Ban sunglasses promised “real scientific glare protection” for fishermen and golfers. Not yet called aviators, the glasses nonetheless captured the essence of aviator goggles, with their teardrop shape and frames as delicate as a biplane’s struts. Sold as sporting equipment, they cost several dollars at a time when sunglasses could be had for 25 cents. During World War II, aviators became standard gear for military men, including Gen. Douglas MacArthur.


Early in the 20th century, as test pilots began flying higher than Mount Everest, they had to defend themselves against temperatures as low as minus-80 degrees Fahrenheit. To survive the frigid blast, aviators wore leather hoods, and they insulated their eyes with fur-lined goggles. To lift those goggles for even an instant was to risk death. In 1920, when Shorty Schroeder dared to take a biplane above 33,000 feet, his goggles fogged and he had no choice but to pull them off. Moments later, his vision blurred, and his eyes were soon frozen over.

Why yes, yes it does! The Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses are indeed covered in Tuesday’s one-day sale on Ray-Ban glasses, as are a few other very popular models. Want to check them all out?ray ban outlet , Head on over to this page on the Amazon website and grab your favorite pair before this sale is over.For all you with an oval face out there, like Rihanna, well congratulations, you literally have the perfect face for any frames.


Look a little closer though and the truth would reveal itself: those specs were made in China. Or Italy. Or Japan. ray ban sunglasses outlet ,The eyewear manufacturing industry is almost entirely controlled by French frame company Luxottica, which in January , creating a glasses Goliath with a market value of nearly $50 billion. Oakley and Ray-Bans were once made exclusively in the U.S., but after both companies were bought by Luxottica, they outsourced their manufacturing to China, Italy, and elsewhere.

And what of Luxottica’s stylish online competitor, the popularly priced brand ? Also made in China.This entire endeavor was driven by Masci’s single-minded focus based not on trend reports, but his own personal interests. ray ban sunglasses sale,Despite one or two bumps in the road, “It’s still the best thing I’ve ever done in my life,” says Masci, a man clearly in love with the process.

A month later, still haunted by the memory of his friend’s swollen eyelids, cheap  cheap  ray bans,Macready climbed into the same plane to beat Schroeder’s altitude record. Like Schroeder, Macready depended on goggles that had been designed to seal his eyes from the cold and protect his sight.Vian said market trends had improved in the past two weeks after a soft patch between the end of January and mid-February.

The Ray-Ban brand celebrates 80 years and does it in style, with a beautiful new ad campaign by Steven Klein and the launch of three attractive models and unisex. cheap ray ban wayfarer, Ray-Ban offers us a beautiful and magnetic advertising campaign, focusing on contrasts and bold colors, the atmosphere is urban and metropolitan that makes me think the atmosphere of the book On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

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Formed by seven overtime shots, Ray-Ban’s campaign is a healthy rebellion against the logic of a society based on stereotypes that prevent men and women to be truly themselves. ray ban sunglasses outlet, Steven Klein captures the precise moment in which the protagonists are freed from the past to pursue their passions and realize their dreams, without ever looking back. A campaign sometimes irreverent and sassy, but always authentic.

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“This campaign speaks to diversity and individualism,” says Klein. “The general idea is to create a world where people leave a world to get into another, with the intention of never look more to the past. One of the strengths of this campaign is the sense of authenticity that broadcasts, ray ban sunglasses sale, because anyone wearing a pair of Ray-Ban always expresses their identity and does not overwhelm by the glasses “.

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The subjects of the photographs are wearing is iconic, like the Evergreen Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, Ray-Ban Clubmaster Ray-Ban and The General, cool revival, both models just arrived on the market, as the Blaze and the Ray-Ban Dean.

The campaign spring summer 2017 of Ray-Ban’s rock and aggressive, a little metal, but that also knows how to be romantic and ironic, I really like the spirit of the brand and of course the glasses! fake ray bans wayfarer cheap, The must-have pieces from the new collection are both iconic models, like the classic Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, Ray-Ban Clubmaster Ray-Ban and The General, cool revival, both models just arrived on the market, as the Blaze and the Ray-Ban Ray-Ban Dean.

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Ray-Ban RB3016 49 CLUBMASTER

Ray-Ban RB3016 49 CLUBMASTER